Do not fall for cheap and low quality moringa!

Moringa products – moringa powder, tea/leaves seed and oil have tremendous applications in the market due to its great demand. Moringa powder and oil is being used heavily in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and nutrition industry. Moringa leaves have high amount of nutrition which makes moringa powder very nutritious and therefore moringa products are flooded in the markets especially in the USA, Canada, UAE, Brazil, the UK, Europe, South Korea & Australia. The demand of moringa products is certainly rising not just in raw powder form but also being used in other food applications like moringa powder in cheese, chocolate, noodles, cookies, breads, etc. Chefs around the world are trying to make new recipes to incorporate moringa in their dishes to add nutrition in their food.

Moringa Powder ManufacturerHowever, not all moringa is equally created as with every food product! The quality of organic moringa products depend upon several factors which needs to be ascertained before buying. The first is checking the quality of microbiological content like E.Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, total plates count, yeast and mold. This shows the health of moringa powder. This is directly related to the health of the moringa. No compromise can ever be made on this microbiological report and parameters. As a food product, it will directly affect the consumption of consumers which should be taken care of at the highest priority. If you are not sure on microbiological & heavy metal content report/sample of your vendor. It is highly likely that, this shall damage your reputation in the market from business perspective. Also, it is not ethical to do so in the first place! Food should be treated as food and not mere any commodity!

The second comes the nutrition of the moringa powder/leaves. This is what moringa is known for. If the moringa is not nutritious, it does not make any sense! It just a mere any other food in your hand and thus the benefits of moringa as you may have studied on internet or heard from the people may not affect as much as it should! Therefore, take a note on the contents of moringa powder like fat content, energy, proteins, calcium, vitamins & minerals & fiber content.

Organic moringa cultivation requires very minute attention, training to the farmers. Also, to get the highest amount of nutrition in the leaves, it therefore becomes more arduous to get the quality moringa leaves/powder. After cultivation, it is equally important to use moringa pulverizer for grinding, weigh & filling and vacuum machine of highest quality. Stainless steel 304 is generally considered as the highest quality material for food & pharmaceuticals applications.  Thus, a cost is involved to cultivate, produce and pack moringa leaves/powder. Premium moringa products always come with a cost which creates value for your customers and add value to the consumers. Cheaper moringa products may beckon the usage of low quality moringa processing and cultivation which shall impact on your brand image as buyer/distributor/retailer as there is lot of risk for your clients as food consumers or for your further supply chain.

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