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Moringa Powder Exporters and Suppliers in India: Consumer demand for the natural products across the industries has been rising due to consumer awareness as corroborated by multiple recent research reports. Todays’ consumer’s lifestyle has been changing constantly, and it is largely going towards being fit and having healthy lifestyle mentality because of globally social awareness of benefits of natural products.

A natural ingredient that has multiple applications in various industries which is widely known as Moringa oleifera which is also being marketed as superfood, drumstick or simply Moringa.

Moringa is a tree also termed as miracle tree which is abundantly grown in warm, damp weather and thus most of the cultivation of moringa takes place across the parts of India and southern Himalayas which favourable to its growth.

Though every part of the tree is used in multiple products as natural ingredient but moringa leaf is mostly used as powder in the products across several industries. Though Moringa is being used in Asia since centuries but the demand of Moringa leaf powder, moringa seed, moringa capsules, moringa oil in westerns parts of countries especially in North America & Europe among the consumers & eventually businesses from health and wellness point of view, makes moringa leaves very popular around the world.

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Moringa is majorly used in the below three industries:

Nutritional Supplements & Food Industry

Moringa Powder Exporters and Suppliers in India: In this industry, moringa is commonly sold as moringa oleifera powder and moringa capsules. Due its high nutritional value, food and nutritional supplements companies are majorly using moringa and sometimes struggle to find best quality pure moringa. Besides nutrition supplements, moringa is also widely used as Herbal/green tea which is widely known for weight reduction.

  • Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse containing mineral calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese & Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K.’
  • ‘Naturally boosts and sustains energy levels.’
  • ‘Supports weight management.’
  • ‘Moringa supports anti-inflammatory function, healthy immune system function and healthy metabolism to aid weight management programmes.’

Cosmetics, personal care & wellness industry

Due to its natural property of anti-aging and skin toning which makes the skin nourished fresh and youthful removing the wrinkles and aging line from face; moringa seed oil, also known as Ben oil, is extensively used in the cosmetics, perfumery and flavour industry as very important ingredient.

As per many experts in the industry, there is no other essential oil like moringa oil used in cosmetics and perfumery for its natural properties and has immense benefits of moringa powder & seed. Infact moringa oil is being used in luxury cosmetics & skincare brands around the world as part of their anti-aging product line.

A significant amount of availability of Vitamin C & Vitamin K makes moringa the preferred choice among the brands to be used in their cosmetics, skincare and personal care products. Moringa powder for skincare is being used by multinational cosmetics brands around the world.

Pharmaceuticals / Naturaceuticals

Besides moringa leaf powder & oil, moringa seeds are also used in medicines and thus has extensive use in pharma industry too.

 Terry Exports LLP is Moringa powder promoter, exporter, wholesale supplier and distributor of Organic Moringa Oleifera & has tie up with the commercial farmers/manufacturers who have in combination more than 200 Acres (80 Hectares) of land where Moringa is grown and cultivated which is USDA Certified. Our moringa powder, seeds and oil are of the best & pure quality in the industry, and have capacity to deliver the bulk order quantity. Our moringa is grown and cultivated in southern parts of India and that too in the particular region of red soil belt which is considered as one of the world’s best class soil for moringa production thereby getting most of the nutrients in our moringa leaf powder and other products which makes it differentiated from others and valuable in the market.

Moringa Powder Exporters in India

We have been increasingly getting bulk order trade inquiries for moringa powder from the distributors and companies in the USA, the UK parts of Europe, Australia, Brazil, UAE, Qatar, South Korea, Singapore & Japan.

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