Moringa Making Noise

Among all the superfoods, moringa is emerging as a superhero among its peers like chia seeds, kale, matcha, etc. Due to the significant health benefits of moringa, which is also considered the world’s most nutritious leaf by many researchers, the green earthy-smell powder is making most of the noise at the tables and chefs love it and so do their customers, especially in the USA.

Neil Zevnik, who is a private chef, and “whose clients have included Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron, has become a moringa fan partly because of its human impact”. Besides the nutritious and delicious food, he mentioned that, as per the article published in Bloomberg magazine, the people he cooks for specially likes the social aspect of moringa as moringa is majorly grown in India and elsewhere and  farmers lives is being impacted positively by moringa cultivation and production.

moringa powder trends among the customers
moringa trends

Due to the emerging strong vegan culture in the USA and across western countries, the moringa market is growing strong as per various market reports. Moringa has been used for centuries in India and has originally come from India however cultivation of moringa has travelled across parts of African countries, however, the protein content of African moringa is not much compared to the Indian moringa due to the presence of red soil in southern parts of India.

Global food companies like Nestle are evolving their strategies to meet the demand of consumers who are turning vegan. One of the major reasons for this shift is the climate change. Due to meat food, greenhouse gases are being released into the environment harming our climate. On the contrary, growing and consuming more nutritious and organic food helps to protect our environment and climate. Organic cultivation is free from pesticides, and chemicals, which are not good for us humans, the environment & land. Due to the demand of consumers in the West especially, the production of organic moringa business is sustainable from social and environmental perspectives.

A study by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in 2015 showed that globally, 59% of consumers globally are actively seeking foods that are high in protein, and plant-based protein sources as quoted by Givaduan. Moringa stands clear winner among all the superfoods if the demand for plant-based protein is considered.

However, as a buyer do not fall into the trap of cheaper moringa. Moringa is not created equally everywhere. Organic cultivation comes at a cost and thus organic moringa with a high amount of nutritional value cannot be sold cheaper. Gauge how to assess the quality for you as an importer/distributor/retailer.

[Updated on 18th Nov 2023]

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