5 Amazing Benefits of Moringa Powder

Moringa leaves grow on a tree which also known as ben tree, behn tree and all the parts including stem, bark, pods, leaves, seeds are edible. Especially moringa leaves have been eaten as raw since centuries in Indian subcontinent region to treat diseases such as fever, cardiovascular, diabetes and other major diseases. However, earlier the moringa leaves were never been used as a commercial product until recent. Its amazing benefits consumption were confined to the local community and tribes, farmers.

Of lately, in this century moringa leaves benefits were marketed commercially which makes awareness of its miraculous benefits. In fact, in the western world, the moringa leaf powder is considered as the next super-food.

Below are 5 of the amazing benefits of the moringa leaves and the pulverized powder of the leaves which makes it more nutrient than Kale & Matcha:

  1. Moringa lowers the cholesterol. Scientific studies have proven that moringa reduces the cholesterol which potentially reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. Studies seem to have shown that there are four chemicals in the moringa leaves which are substantially beneficial for helping in lowering the blood pressure. Scientists are studying the chemical composition and structure of the moringa leaves.
  2. Moringa leaves helps in reducing diabetes. Results indicated that the leaf extract of Moringa oleifera may be used for the control of blood glucose and lipid concentration and prevention of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. Diabetes has been a disease which is due to the high sugar in the blood. Having moringa powder in the diet reduces the sugar in the blood and pharmaceutical industries have been researching to use moringa in their product for treating diabetic patients. Terry Export’s partner firm, in fact, working with the doctors for creating the cure of diabetes.

  3. Moringa is nutritious to the new mother and the baby. Newly turned mothers are very much advised to feed their infants, which is considered very good for the babies. Moringa powder not only helps the new mother to make more amount of breast milk but also makes more nutritious for the baby.
  4. Moringa is a rich source of multivitamins and nutrients. Moringa leaves just do not have all the nutrient and vitamins packed but also contains the rich source of vitamins such as Vitamins A, E, K, B which are highly useful for skin and hairs nourishments besides the colossal use in cosmetics on the commercial side. Moringa is one of the finest sources of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc. Multivitamins and minerals are very much healthy for humans and it becomes hard at time to incorporate the whole pack of nutrients in the diet, especially for women. Moringa promoted by several governments to help women and children to get more amounts of rich nutrients in their diets.
  5. Moringa helps to in muscle growth and thus good for gym goers. Moringa powder has 24% – 30% protein which is unusually high as plant protein. This is also considered as a very rich source of the protein having all the essential amino acids which are hard to get from other products. Thus, it is beneficial for vegans and gym goers as pre/post protein shake to support their muscles growth.

Not all moringa is created equally. Terry Exports LLP is premium moringa powder exports-oriented firms based in India. Wholesale buyers/retailers/Importers should take care of the nutritional content and the heavy metal content from their supplier. Our lead content is lesser than 0.1 ppm which is extremely valuable and of highly premium moringa product and hard to source. Buyers should see the protein content and other nutritional value before placing the purchase order.

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