Lead & Heavy Metal Content in Moringa Leaf Powder

One of the main reasons of the high metal content, especially lead, in the moringa leaf powder samples is, due to the pollution in the nearby areas where cultivation of moringa tree takes place. If the lead content is high or above permissible limits, it is an indication that moringa cultivation is being taken place in the city area or the place where pollution is high.

Needless to mention that lead content in the food products is dangerous and can ruin the health of the consumers. As per a report published in Scientific Research, more than 58% of the moringa powder samples were having more than permissible amount of the lead contents. The samples were taken from Benin, a part of the West Africa.

Lead Content lower than 0.1 ppm is generally regarded as excellent grade food which is much below the dangerous and permissible limits. It also indicates that the moringa tree cultivation is being done by purely organic means as there is chemicals, pesticides, etc spray being performed.

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