Global Moringa Trends

Moringa has been existence for centuries in India but the awareness of the benefits of the moringa products has caught up, of lately across the world. The commercial demand for this miraculous product embarked in the USA around 4-5 years back and since then, the demand has been contagious and has been travelling across the world, literally.

As a moringa specialised export-oriented firm from India, we have been analysing the demand and trends for a while speaking to our customers, network, and their businesses. Around the world, food distributors/major food retailers are adding Moringa products to their offerings to their consumers. As during the times of COVID-19, natural products including moringa products are going with great strides among the consumers like moringa leaf powder, moringa dip tea, moringa energy bar in chocolate, moringa capsules, moringa oil in cosmetics. Companies are wondering to include moringa leaf powder and other moringa products into their current food products & beverages like moringa latte coffee and/or creating new products for the rising consumers interested in natural products. Moringa trends around the globe in the following countries are enumerated below:

Moringa in Australia/New Zealand – Government agencies have encouraged the businesses to keep stock of moringa to cater to the consumers especially to women and children to keep the nutritionally fit. Many health/yoga/vegan coach and spa owners making the use of this great (moringa oil & moringa leaf powder) product to use this as a niche product of their offerings to their clients. Given the fact about the health benefits of moringa products, the natural healthcare, yoga, and spa professionals developing their own niche products for their consumers who want natural products to keep themselves fit as part of their lifestyles. In 2020 and the years to come, this trend will take more space and reach out to more mainstream consumers.

Moringa in Brazil – Due to the proximity to North America, the demand has been picking up in this South American Country. As a greater number of people are getting aware of the Moringa products, distributors want to get the potential market share for the growing market.

Moringa in Europe – UK leads in the popularity of the moringa products among consumers and thus major brands have already been selling this product online and offline too. Consumers prefer the retailer brands who have responsibly sourced supply chain. Consumers thus do not shy away from buying from relatively expensive brands if the farmer community is being helped. Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy France & Netherlands lead the demand after the UK. Moringa latte coffee can be a great potential product besides moringa in the beverage industry.

Moringa in Middle East – Several players have started selling on the e-commerce platform, however, given the rising awareness among the consumers and availability of the food retailers/distributors, the opportunity is robust for the first few movers in the food & beverage industry. The government is taking measures to encourage food retailers/companies to market this great product and the benefits to keep the women and children fitter. Moringa tea & moringa leaf powder can be a great potential product in the middle eastern region including, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman.

Moringa in USA – This is the country where demand has been rising on a daily basis and several food companies/start-ups have made their presence felt in the moringa space. As the vegan culture in the USA taking huge space, the demand has been in the north direction, several products have come up by making use of moringa powder/capsules & other moringa products. The market size has been increasing due to the rising demand among consumers.

Moringa in Russia – Russians love natural products and love herbal tea and other natural food products. Moringa in this country can be a fantastic product as moringa leaf powder can be mixed in hot boiling water to make moringa tea or moringa dip tea bags that can be used do drink a beverage.

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