Moringa Seeds Germination!

The Moringa Oleifera, one of the greatest plant species in India. According to articles published on the internet, a Moringa leaf has more than 25% protein, which is as much as in eggs and twice the amount of milk! Originally, the moringa tree comes originally comes from India, where people have been eating moringa fruits, drumstick, moringa leaves, roots, moringa seeds since thousands of years. Love for moringa has been shown by Indians due to its great health benefits and great medicinal values it holds for humans and animals.

Moringa is considered among the few plants which are economically important for varieties of reasons. As per research paper by Anber Mahmoud Ahmed Hassanein & Abdulrahmn Abdulah Al- Soqeer, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qasim University, Saudi Arabia, out of thirteen species of Moringaceae family, Moringa Oleifera is the most important on agricultural, nutritional and medicine level. Moringa seeds with PKM-1 quality has been regarded as best for the cultivation of moringa.

Germination of moringa seeds (PKM-1) is important to study. Moringa seed germination using seven temperature regimes in the laboratory showed that 20°C is the optimum temperature for best germination rate of the moringa seeds. Satisfied germination was obtained with 15°C too in the research of moringa seeds germination carried by the researchers of Saudi Arabia. The higher temperature increased the germination speed but lower the germination percentage of the moringa seeds. Therefore, temperature plays a significant role in the germination the moringa seeds.

Drumstick is scientifically known as Moringa Oleifera. Therefore at times called drumstick seeds. Moringa seeds have a unique appearance and due to relatively larger size than other vegetables, it can be sown in-depth inside the soil. Moringa PKM-1 seeds grow the plant to a height of 4 to 6 metre and come to flower in 90-100 days after planting. For germination to start, moringa seeds are soaked in water for 24 hours for enhancing the speed of the germination. Next day after 24 hours of soaking the seeds, soaked seeds shall be removed and kept in a wet paper towel or cotton cloth.

Wrap the seeds and a knot to be put around the neck. Moringa seeds then should be placed in a vessel in dark. It might take one week to 20 days to start germination of the seeds. The paper towel, the cotton cloth should be wet.

For any seed to germinate, the role of oxygen, temperature and sunlight plays an extremely crucial role.

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