Moringa for Animal Feed – Moringa Pellets

Moringa as thought by many is a multipurpose tree. Mankind has been using moringa for ages due to its much nutritional benefits. There has been multiple scientific research available on moringa, how it can be consumed. In one of our research reports, we mentioned that that moringa should be consumed as functional foods and government and companies role in this plays major role. Moringa products like moringa leaf powder in smoothies and salads, moringa leaves dip tea, moringa capsules, raw moringa leaves can be consumed with the regular food that we have in our diets, globally. Consumption of moringa in the food shows great nutritional value and exhibits significant difference in the health of the people who consumes moringa.

However, moringa for animals should also be thought of and researched. Many researches, in fact, have been made and seen that moringa as feed for animals gives them robust amount of protein along with other nutritional elements which are required for healthy lives of animals. Several governments – Malaysia, UAE, Cuba are considering adding this great plant protein in the diets of the animals as their feed. Importance of animals feeds is very important as their body functions well and their health remains in great condition. This not only keeps them away from diseases but also enhances the quality of the products derived from them. Animal feed is therefore can be linked to the economy & health of the country. Better the products from animals are, better the health of the people and economy of the country. Economy of the country can be linked to the quality of animal feed in the sense that products derived from the animals and the health of the animals with great protein feed along with other nutrients makes animal meat healthier which increases the value of meat of domestic and exports consumption.

Since moringa contains all the essential amino acids which is rare to find in another plant or functional foods for animals, moringa becomes very advantageous for animals as part of their feed. For example, one of the researches and in our practical experience seen that adding moringa in cows feed produce better quality milk. Moringa feed for cattle, pigs and poultry has seen the great benefits for their health, production and very good and healthy meat. Typically animal feed, to save the cost, has been used as remaining of the food used for human consumption as not much importance (or to save the cost for specialized and different feed for animals) have been produced.

Special diets without keeping the cost cutting measured for animal feed gives better return as the health of the country is directly proportional to the economy of the country. Therefore the feed given to the animals of any country reflect the values of the governments. Moringa can be given while mixing in other feeds in powdered form or can be given in pellets forms as well.

We as a company are of the view that diets for animals should be given equal importance as part of the governments programs for better health of the animals so as to have better economy.

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