Lead Content in Moringa Leaf Powder & How to Identify High-Quality Moringa

One of the primary reasons behind the excessive metal content, especially the lead, found in Moringa leaf powder samples is the contamination in the surrounding areas where the moringa tree is cultivated.

When the lead concentration in the moringa leaf dust is high or exceeds permissible limits, this indicates that cultivation of moringa is practised in the city or in a location where pollution levels are high.

Lead Content in Moringa Leaf Powder

It is not necessary to say that the content of lead in food products can be harmful and harm the health of those who consume it.

As per a report published by Scientific Research, more than 58% of samples contained more than the allowed lead content in the Moringa Leaf Powder. The samplings came from Benin in the region of West Africa.

Lead content less than 0.5 per milligram is usually regarded as a high-quality food well below the permissible and dangerous limits. (Source)

It also suggests that the moringa tree is being carried out using organic methods because pesticides, chemicals, etc., and sprays are used in general.

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5 Stages How to Identifying High-Quality Moringa Leaf Powder?

“Stages on identifying high-quality moringa leaf powder” The fake moringa plant powder swindles people. This is the most obnoxious aspect because we purchase and consume this leaf to gain health benefits. We’ll not receive benefits if we buy an unqualified or fake one. The other ingredient that could be present in this product is unknown. Finding out is the first step to ensuring a high-quality extract. Many people believe that this is challenging. But it’s easier than they think, an observation is explained in the following article (Source).

Fundamental Principle

The primary color of a freshly cut leaf was green. The leaf is at its peak of growth in this hue and contains the highest amount of nutrients. When the shade is dark brown, the leaf is dying and old. While the extract has been through drying, it is likely to be green. If the leaf was initially green but then changed to brown or yellow due to the drying process, it is a sign that the heat being produced is excessively high. The brown and yellow leaf extracts aren’t intended for human consumption but can be used as animal feed or plant fertilizer.

Stage 2

Moringa leaf extract with high-quality has an unmistakable smell. The scent of the powder is the leaf itself. If it has a distinct aroma, the manufacturer could include other ingredients. The reason could consist of food preservation and food coloring. It could be a random leaf powder. A factory that has an insufficient amount of moringa leaves will do this to meet demand on the market and make greater profits.

Stage 3

Take note of the packaging. The best packaging should be transparent and air-proof. The non-transparent packaging will shield the extract from sun exposure which could damage any quality issues with the item. The air-proof packaging protects the product from exposure to air which can also affect the quality of the product. Carbon dioxide could oxidize the product. When the package is translucent, be sure it isn’t in direct sunlight. If not, the thick wrap will not be suitable for Organic Moringa Powder. The amount of nutrients is reduced when you keep it in the large wrap for longer than two days.

Stage 4

Think about the cost. The lowest price is always intriguing because it can save us lots of money. However, it also makes the product suspect. It could be that it is not entirely organic moringa powder, or even the drying process was done in a hurry. Sorting leaves, drying, and milling until you get packaging of high quality can be challenging. The equipment and employees should be able to afford a price. Before you decide to purchase or begin a business using it, the cost is an essential factor to consider. When you buy cheaper goods, the business owner will earn more money. But in time, the client will be able to see the difference.

Stage 5

Conduct an online search about the exporter. A reputable exporter will provide all the details about the address, contact number, their client’s testimonials, media coverage, ISO, HACCP and other certifications.

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