How moringa importers doing wrong in assessing their vendors from India?

Without describing the benefits of moringa, which is obvious and day by day it’s awareness is permeated across the people and thus demand is increasing. As per various research and report, the current market value of moringa oleifera products – moringa powder, moringa oil and moringa seeds is $4 billion and is stated that the market value will be $7 billion by 2020. This corroborates the demand of the moringa and its health benefits.

Moringa powder is used as nutritional supplement, moringa oil is used as anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle natural ingredient in cosmetic creams by various luxurious brands around the world. Moringa seeds are used for water purification. Moringa has demand around the world however majority of the demand comes from the USA. Importers in the USA searching for the distributors, wholesalers and exporters in India do not see the whole picture while buying moringa from India.

To assess the quality of Moringa, they just look for the organic certification, though this is the critical parameter of course to go through so that you can have USDA organic seal in your brand or you would re-sell easily to your further supply chain. Several of the things should also be assessed to gauge the quality process. Importers should ask about the drying process of the moringa leaves for moringa leaf powder quality. There multiple methods used in drying process of moringa leaves so that it could be extracted in the powdered form. However, two methods that are generally used are natural shadowed drying process and another is solar drying process.

Shadowed drying Process – In natural shadowed drying process, leaves are kept under the sunlight not direct though, leaves are being covered by a layer of cloth or something that protects the direct sunlight hit to the leaves. But leaves kept in open for drying is not considered good as it is highly likely that other contaminants like pesticides, chemical or toxic substances may get in touch with Moringa leaves thus reducing the nutritional value of the leaves which has no market value.

Solar drying method – In solar drying process, leaves are kept in the box, or a container which is insulated by solar heater, this form of heating is considered as the best since moringa leaves maintain the best of the nutritional value of the leaves. This method of of drying is also best because it has been accepted by various scientist and WHO as well.

Apart from the above, there have been other methods like, microwave and other forma of radiations which is not good at all as it turns the color of the leaves to brown thereby destroying the vitamins and the nutrition of the leaves.

Get in touch with us for more information on quality process of Moringa. We are moringa exporter from India having USDA certification. We have contractual land with the farmers having 200+ acres and follows best of the methods for quality manufacturing of Moringa Powder.


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