Clean Drinking Water may be Produced by ‘Miracle Tree’

Moringa Oleifera often referred to as”the “miracle tree,” is being utilized by scientists to produce economically safe and clean drinking water in developing countries.

The most recent episode of the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) award-winning “Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions” podcast series discusses ways that the seed of this plant could be used to make pure drinking water.

The water-treatment process that is new, requiring only sand and tree seeds could cleanse and clarify water at a low cost and environmentally sustainable across the world’s developing where more than 1 billion people are without access to safe drinking water According to researchers.

The removal of the microbes responsible for disease and sediments from drinking water is a process that requires technology that isn’t always accessible in rural areas in developing countries.

To find a different approach the scientists considered Moringa Oleifera.

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Research has shown that a protein found in Moringa seeds could cleanse water, as explained by Stephanie B. Velegol, Ph.D. who is a scientist at Pennsylvania State University, in the podcast.

The other method produces water that can’t be stored, while the other is costly and complex. Researchers sought to find an easier and cheaper method to harness the power of seeds.

For this scientists added an extract from the seed, which contains positively charged Moringa protein (which bonds to the sediment, killing microbes and also kills them) and positively charged sand.

The product, which was “functionalized,” or “f-sand,” proved to be effective in the capture of lab-grown E. bacteria and destroying their membranes. F-sand also was effective in removing particles out of water samples. The results suggest that f-sand could be a straightforward, locally sustainable method for the production of safe drinking water that is storable, Velegol noted.

The research has been published in the ACS’s journal Langmuir.

Source: ANI

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