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Why Us

Co-sourcing offshore model is much better than outsourcing

What makes us different is that we believe in CoSourcing than outsourcing. As an accounting and CPA firms, you would want to mitigate the risk and have more control over the offshore process, which companies do not get in outsourcing model as per our decade of experience in the industry. This makes you more confident and helps to own the process in certain sense, which is not in the case if you offshore your process through outsourcing. Learn more about the benefits of co-sourcing and why more and more companies are choosing co-sourcing than outsourcing.

Accounting & Finance firms around the world choosing CoSourcing model

Why Accountancy firms choose us?

  • 10+ years our international clients have been with our firm as preferred as offshoring partner.Hiring as per your business requirement and need. Tie up with recruitment consultancy which gives trained accountants.
  • Managed solutions with 2 review stages then back to you. You just require sanity check at your end.
  • As a part of our culture& values, every employee understands the value of being client-centric and thus is always encouraged to reach out to our clients through any medium be it email, call, skype or in person to liaise with them to deliver the robust business solutions.
  • Our physical storage server in the data center has operated under GDPR guidelines with robust security access has 256 SSL encryption.
  • Office infrastructure has the state of the art facilities with all the modern amenities and in parallel to the designs of the Accountancy and CPA firms’ offices in the UK, the US and Australia. Learn more about our security measures.
  • You are always more than welcome to visit our offices here in India and look, and we shall be more than glad to see you here.
  • As a part of our values, we have always appreciated and embraced the technology that makes an impact to our clients’ business. Every measure and facility is provided to our employee base to keep themselves updated on the current technologies such as cloud and know about the future technologies such as AI.
  • Softwares and Accounting work are as integral as ‘Knife & Fork’ to produce accurate accounts efficiently. We fully understand it. Thus, we have full hands on the majority of the software. Our team strives to get hands on the new software.
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