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  • His exposure of working with international clients and having studied with a diverse background enables the organization to understand and analyze the clients’ business requirements.
  • Has extensive experience in International Business while closely working with the team, professionals & critical stakeholders in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands & other parts of Europe.
  • Master in International Business, Aston University, Birmingham

Dipankar Verma, having robust international business experience, thought of the idea of exporting premium moringa products (moringa leaf powder, moringa seeds, moringa oil, moringa tea, moringa capsules & other moringa products) to the world, since moringa is native to India.

Dipankar after finishing his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics & Communications engineering worked as software engineer/associate consultant in Wipro, one of the IT behemoth companies globally, while serving global clients in finance and software industry. There he learnt the nuances of international business and he was influenced towards international business. Therefore he moved to the United Kingdom (UK) to pursue his Master in International Business from Aston Business School, Aston University in Birmingham, UK, which is one of the top 5 B-schools in the UK and top 50 B-schools in the world, as ranked by the Financial Times, the Economist, the Guardian and several other business newspapers and magazines. After finishing his Masters in International Business, he enjoyed working in the company involving outsourcing of UK accounting while developing the new business. He was awarded with an appreciation certificate for innovation in his work & taking initiatives.

As a fitness enthusiast, Dipankar had been involved in exploring several natural herbal products and while researching the natural herbal products, one product that is moringa caught his attention and how tremendously beneficial moringa could be to impact one’s health positively (not just humans but animals too!).

Moringa is more than a superfood, which is packed with iron, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and plant protein. Moringa products add a nutritious boost to everything from smoothies to soups to tea and capsules. Moringa is termed as miracle tree as it has multiple applications – from nutrition & supplements with 25-28% protein, which is rare in plants with almost 18 out of 20 essential amino acids to Moringa’s other very important application, which is the topmost global agenda discussed by the politicians at all the international forums, that is mitigation of climate change, because this miraculous plant absorbs 20 times more carbon than other plants and 50 times more carbon than Japanese cider plants, as per study conducted by Japanese Scientists. It therefore can be a great natural tool in mitigating the effects of climate change.

It was brainchild of Dipankar to work and specialize in moringa only, and not any other product, that helped Terry Exports LLP to reach out to its global clients explaining and demonstrating the benefits of moringa and how to differentiate between premium quality moringa and the poor quality moringa. Since then, Dipankar has built the reputation of being a thought leader in moringa, while contributing to various initiatives of government’s research (Europe and India governments) on moringa, through private companies. Dipankar, through the secondary research, has also written a white paper on benefits of moringa and if it can have any use in COVID-19. Dipankar’s work experience in dealing with international clientele base & international business education experience from the UK helped him to understand requirements of global clients and deliver to them successfully.

Dipankar having come from a science and business background academically, deeply understands the science of nutrition and business of reaching out to the businesses & consumers globally. With his knowledge base in moringa built over the years while interacting with the moringa community involving scientists, researchers, agriculturists, farmers, businesses, and consumers, has been much appreciated by the knowledge seekers of moringa, clients and the moringa community globally.

Dipankar, with his marketing and branding capabilities taking this superb superfood to the governments globally, as moringa, if given to animals in the form of feed would result in producing high milk yield and increasing the quality of milk which will not just help the governments to raise the nutrition index of their people but also would leverage on the food security aspect. Dipankar is also in the midst of reaching out to World Food Programme (WFP) to help the people of countries in dire need where the nutrition index is critically low or where there is food scarcity because of natural & man-made calamities. Moringa again can be a very effective tool for WFP as part of their mission to mitigate hunger globally.

Most of Dipankar’s efforts goes into gauging the quality of moringa products for the clients as moringa is known to be the most nutrient dense plants. Therefore, if moringa is being planted in soil that is not nutrient dense & favourable and not ethical practices are followed, then there would not be any point in commercializing it, as it would be just another green, which moringa is definitely not!

Due to the quality conscious nature of Dipankar, especially for moringa, one of the ex-NBA basketball players from Chicago, USA and currently settled in Italy after the retirement enjoys the moringa powder sample sent to him and the NBA star is considering to launch his own brand while creating a unique supplement with Terry Export’s moringa in it.

Although this plant has been around since centuries however, since moringa is relatively new commercial product around the globe, Dipankar’ vision through Terry Exports LLP is to “bring premium moringa on the table”, through the functional and general foods, which can be substantially significant in eradicating hunger and developing and raising the nutrition index of the countries across the globe.

Terry Exports LLP is embarked by two partners namely Mr. Pradeep Kumar & Dipankar Verma having rich experience in domestic chain and International Business with Multinational companies, respectively.


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