Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

When our clients share the critical financial data with us, it is not just the data, they are also delivering the trust they place in us and it is due to the kind of infrastructure we have set up in place.

Our network infrastructure is GDPR ready as we have partnered with one of the leading FTSE company in the UK having state of the art secured data centres across the 8 locations worldwide and primarily in the UK running their operation with the highest security standards. The running operations are claimed to be as GDPR ready.

Our investments towards the network infrastructure stands as a testament towards our commitment.

Having invested in the cloud infrastructure with all the security controls does not make us fully satisfied as we must work on the computer/laptops in our office.

Thus, adequate measures are in place to secure the information assets; Such as installation of the antivirus in our systems which takes care of the vulnerabilities of the malicious activities and setting the password and username which keeps changing after periodic interval of time.

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  • Full-time equivalent (FTE) model serves our clients’ business requirements with ease. In this model, an FTE is dedicated to a client (140 hours in a month) and, in which, the FTE works only for the client. Our clients give a portfolio of work to this FTE so that she/she can be utilized efficiently. Moreover, the FTE will not work for any other client and just work for your accountancy. Benefits of FTE model are:
  • Providing managed solutions under which all the work will be reviewed by the client manager before sending it back to our clients. Our clients just have a sanity check/a glance at the work before they send it to their client.
  • In this model, our clients virtually have an extension to their office here in India where our team processes their work. Having infrastructure overseas with no overhead and rental cost gives them a competitive advantage in terms of not just the cost savings but provides them the platforms to scale up their business while nurturing and developing client relationships.
  • Faster turnaround time with the utilization of FTE, efficiently.
  • Economical than the hourly model.
  • This model is suitable for the clients who have lesser/ad-hoc volume of work and not sure of the amount of work they shall outsource. Under this model, our clients are charged as per the number of hours consumed by them.
  • However, this model is not recommended if accountancy firms want to have dedicated resources as the person working on your accounts shall work simultaneously on different firm’s work. Having said that, we are committed to delivering high quality whatsoever may be the case.
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