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It is our endeavour to keep with the belief of replenishing alive the ancient philosophy of balancing body, mind, and soul. Terry Exports believes in presenting the world with nature’s finest and purest range of products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food & beverage and spa industries. 

We specialize in supplying aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, spice oils, concretes, absolutes, natural Indian attars, herbal extracts including high quality moringa, fragrance oils and floral hydrosols.

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are the “soul” of a plant material. They are renowned in traditional and modern therapy as having therapeutic properties due to the high quantity of active ingredients present in them.Our essential oils come from well cultivated and wild grown plants,which have been carefully selected to maintain highest standard of purity and quality. The synergies of essential oil constituents in their natural state are easily adapted to human physiology to provide desirable effects through their use in pharmaceutical sand cosmetics.

Botanical Extracts

Botanical extracts are the secret ingredients to the wondrous beauty produscts specifically skin and hair care product. It is the presence of botanical extracts that marks these products so indispensable to the customer. Our botanical prodect are 100% natural and are a health natural alternative to some of the synthetic ingredients currently in use. All our botanical extract are powdered and can be made oil or water soluble, as required.

Fragrance Oil

We understand that each individual has a unique olfactory sense that is why we choose premium quality of fragrant oils to cater to the uniqueness of each being. Fragrant oils are not essential oils as they are synthetically compounded. However,our fragrance oils are made using more than 80% natural materials to offer only high-quality fragrances to our customers.

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All our products are 100% Natural.

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