Company Overview

Terry Exports LLP (TEL) is an export-oriented firm which is promoted by one of the partners having more than 30+ years of experience in business and supply chain of industrial products. Terry Exports believes in presenting the world with nature’s finest and purest range of products for the pharmaceutical/nutraceuticals, cosmetic,food & beverage and spaindustries.

We as suppliers fully believes in the fact that the natural products & ingredients used in the various industries have humongous benefits for the humans, and it also does not pollute the environment. Thus, as our inspiration we enjoy delivering the natural ingredients to our clients across worldwide. India being the homeland to various natural ingredients and herbs such as Moringa and other botanical extracts, our clients are pleased with the quality we deliver, and our competency of having the robust& strategic network with the certified and acclaimed vendorsof natural ingredients has been appreciated by our clients.

This also makes Terry Export,a one stop shop for various clients to buy multiple natural ingredients for their business requirements.We are working towards development through a dynamic team of people to meet the most stringent requirements of customers and become leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission & Values

To support healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food & personal care industry around the globe by providing the valuable, hard to source and high quality natural ingredients at economical cost while taking uttermost care of the local community & ensuring sustainable harvesting & ethical sourcing.

Delivering Quality with Zero Tolerance.

Compromisable quality comes with the selfish mindset without even thinking of the client, their requirements, interests and their businesses, on which we have zero tolerance in any of the minutest standards. Terry Exports has a firm & robust belief in delivering the quality that nourishes the business relationship and takes it miles long, even farther than that.

Delivering Innovation.

The hunger to deliver it better from the previous time is what makes the service enhanced which is good for the client, stakeholders and helps to create more value in the world thereby making it the better place to live. We at Terry Exports constantly aspire to deliver it better than the previous.

Delivering On Time.

Delivering the products on time does not only helps our clients businesses being agile but also enables them to deliver to their customers, which is on pinnacle of our thought process while executing our operations and delivering trust to our clients.

Delivering On Commitments.

Before delivering the products to the clients, we carefully choose our words on which we sincerely deliver to strengthen our business relationships with our clients. Honesty & fairness in action is what we believe that drives our relationship with our clients. Integrity can never be discussed and spoken; it just can be practiced that is reflected as an image of the company. Delivering on commitments stands as testament towards our mission of the company, which is imperative in international businesses transcending the national boundaries.

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