Moringa Expanding to Pharmaceuticals from Food & Beverage Industry

Due to obvious health benefits of moringa leaves used in the form of powder & tea, not only food companies leveraging the benefits of moringa, also pharmaceuticals companies in the UAE, middle-east & across the western world especially USA & Europe, are trying to grab the market as the multiple research confirms the treatment of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems apart from anti-inflammatory properties of moringa powder, moringa tea.

Around the world, moringa products including moringa tea & powder from the leaves, oil from the seeds getting the popularity among the consumers. However, the market is in the nascent stage and as per the reports and the significant benefits of this miraculous green product, food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry in specific desperately add this new product to the market to get hold of the market.

Moringa, has been known since centuries and is native in India as natural medicine. However, not everywhere moringa is grown with equal quality. Since the use of moringa is specific to the nutritious nature of the moringa leaves, thus it is significant to understand how the moringa products are being made. As a moringa retailers/importers/buyers, it is very essential to understand the below perception while buying moringa from your suppliers:

  • Gauge the process of organic farming and where the land of the cultivation is – This gives you brief idea on the quality of the soil, whether the moringa cultivation is happening in city with pollution or in outskirts with lesser or almost no pollution.
  • Gauge the level of nutrition in the moringa leaves, powder, tea – This is the technical feature, like protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, etc, which shall make your product stand out in the market and build or add value to your brand because the moringa is known as world’s most nutritious dense plant in the world by many scientists and researchers.
  • Gauge the supplying capacity of your moringa suppliers. The regular volume capacity of moringa products to be supplied.
  • Also see if your supplier is specialized in the moringa business. Many suppliers dealing in multiple food products blindly want to add moringa without understanding much of the product quality, benefits. Avoid working with them as they may not add value to your business as the moringa specialist supplier shall bring knowledge on the table which will be value add for your brand.

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